Truckload Shipping

Truckload Shipping with Pinnacle Freight Specialists is shipping made easy. Expedite Shipping and Rush Delivery services are available from Pinnacle Freight. Intermodal Shipping services are a great way for Pinnacle Freight to save you money.

Truckload Shipping in USA and Canada

Truckload Shipping Services in USA and Canada

Pinnacle Freight Specialists have 35 years experience in Truckload Shipping. Pinnacle utilizes a vast network of trucks, trailers and warehousing across the United States and Canada. Pinnacle Freight specializes in Shipping your Truckload across borders with minimum delays. Choose Pinnacle for all of your Truckload and Less Than Truckload Shipping needs.

Why Choose Truckload Shipping?

  1. Truckload Shipping Cross Border
  2. Less Than Truckload (LTL) Services
  3. Get a Truckload Shipping quote

Customs broker and Truckload Services, privacy policy.

Truckload Shipping services by reputable brokers.

Expedite Shipping Services Canada

Less Than Truckload Shipping services based in Southwest Ontario, Canada.

Pinnacle Freight has a vast knowledge of cross-border shipping processes.

Best Truckload Services. Providing the United States, Canada and Mexico smart Shipping solutions.


Pinnacle Freight has decades of experience with advanced technologies to assist in effectively managing LTL shipments. Our vast network allows us to offer competitive pricing while reducing transit time. This eliminates customer wait times and improves production while reducing transportation costs.


We service all major points within the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our warehousing and cross-dock services give us the flexibility to deliver to any location.


Pinnacle Freight will assist with customs clearance to avoid delays at any North American Border Crossing.


We understand that securing your shipment is crucial to delivering your product safely. All of our drivers have been properly trained to secure and protect your investment.